All about... English wine
This week's wine is our first English wine, and definitely not our last.
Firstly, let's sort out the difference between English wine and British wine. The latter is merely imported concentrated grape juice, made into wine - just like those home-brew kits but on an industrial scale. NEVER buy British wine!
English wine, however is made from grapes grown in English vineyards and over the past decades have gone from strength to strength.
Although better known for sparkling wines, English vineyards are also making some excellent still wines, both white and red. Due to our colder climate, red wines are lighter in body - comparable to a red Sancerre, Alsace, or lighter Beaujolais styles. Many can be enjoyed slightly chilled. The white wines are already excellent and winning many international competitions.
The Oxford Gold wine we feature this week is from 2014 where the harvest was particularly good, bumper yields and quality grapes. The harvest in 2016, although low in yield, made for some well-ripened grapes and therefore some excellent wines should be released this year - well worth tracking down.


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