Chéreau Carré wine producer

Chéreau Carré
Acknowledged as one of the half-dozen or so best producers in Muscadet, family-run Chéreau Carré own four properties: Château de Chasseloir, Château de l’Oiselinière, Château de la Chesnaie and Domaine du Bois Bruley.
Ch. de Chasseloir was the first, bought by Bernard Chéreau in 1953.  A famous old estate on the River Maine, the cháteau itself was mostly destroyed in the Revoloution but one 15th century tower remains, along with its historic cellar and famed plot of century-old vines (the oldest in Muscadet).  Ch. de l’Oiselinière (the “owl’s nest”) was added in 1960 when Bernard married its heir, Mademoiselle Edmonde Carré. Its 10 hectares occupy a sunny hilltop above the confluence of the Sèvre and Maine rivers.
Today the house of Chéreau-Carré is run by their son, also called Bernard, and his daughter Louise.  All four estates are farmed according to principles of lutte raisonée, an approach which seeks to minimise the use of chemicals in the vineyard.

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