Cantina Tramin wine producer

Cantina Tramin
Strictly speaking it sould be either Cantina Termeno or Kellerei Tramin, but the Italian word for ‘wineceller’ is rather better known than the Austrian kellerei, while the village of Tramin is much better known by its Austrian name than its Italian one, Termeno.  Using the Tramin name also plays well with the story that the grape (Gewürz) Traminer originated here, as its name would suggest.
Founded in 1898, Cantina Tramin are the local growers’ co-operative, now with 310 members tending 260 hectares of vines.  They have developed an enviable reputation for quality, winning the coveted Tre Bicchieri award from Gambero Rosso on more than twenty occasions.  This feat makes them a “two star” winery – one of only thirty in all Italy.
As a large operation they produce a full range of wines, including some unusual high-end blends in a region where varietal wines are the norm.  They have a particular focus on Gewürztraminer, offering five different examples: basic, selection, single-vineyard and two late-harvest.

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