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Hiruzta Bodega
Hiruzta is the creation of the Rekalde family: father Asensio and his two sons Txarli and Angel.  The winery name is a contraction of hiruren uzta, which means “a three-person harvest” in Basque.  They planted their first vines in 2007, when the expansion of the Getariako Txakolina D.O. to include the whole of Gipuzkoa province made it possible to produce txakoli around Honarribia once more.  The winemaking tradition here had been lost in the 17th Century, despite Hondarribia having given its name to several Basque grape varieties.
Hiruzta’s first vintage, the 2011, was released in 2012.  Their wines have been consistent award-winners ever since.  Their 11 hectares of vines occupy south-facing slopes behind the Jaizkibel cliffs, an unusually favoured location in the very north-facing Basque Country whose mountains drop steeply into the Bay of Biscay.  The cliffs protect the vines from the worst of the Atlanic weather, which combined with the south-facing aspect produces wines that are rather fuller than is usual for txakoli.
They produce two main wines: a mainstream white called simply Hiruzta, which is light and frothy in typical txakoli fashion; and a premium, lees-aged cuvée called Berezia, which isn’t.  Both are made mainly from Hondarrabi Zuri, blended with a little Gros Manseng (called Izkiriota Handia in Basque) for aroma.  Supplementing these are a bottle-fermented fizz, made again from Hondarrabi Zuri, and a rosé made from a blend of ’Zuri with the local black grape Hondarrabi Beltza.

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