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Barco del Corneta
Barco del Corneta is the project of Beatriz Herranz, who both tends the vines and makes the wines, aided by her mother Maria Antonia and a small team of vineyard workers.  Beatriz studied Agriculture and Winemaking and then went to work reviving an old Garnacha vineyard in Gredos to produce a well-regarded wine called La Fábula.
In 2008 she returned to her home village of La Seca, near Valladolid, and planted Verdejo on five and a half hectares of land that had once been her grandfather’s vineyard.  From these she produced the first vintage of the estate’s eponymous Barco del Corneta white in 2010.  It’s named after a nearby grove of pine trees that used to be her family’s meeting point for harvest-time fiestas, though that doesn’t quite explain how the grove acquired its peculiar name, which translates roughly as “trumpet boat”.
The vines were cultivated organically from the start, with hand-harvesting and natural yeast fermentations, in marked contrast to the industrial methods of production common in the Rueda region.  To emphasise that difference, she bottles all her wines as VdlT Castilla y León even though the Verdejo whites would qualify for the DO Rueda.
In the 2013 vintage she added an entry-level Verdejo called Cucú, sourced partly from her own vineyard 718 metres up at La Seca but mainly from an even higher and cooler organic vineyard she found near Aldeanueva in Rueda’s southeast corner.
A third Verdejo followed the following year.  Casio comes from a 0.8 hectare patch of 150-year-old ungrafted vines on sandy soil at Alcazarén, about 15 km east of La Seca.  It’s one of a trio of whites named after characters from Dante’s Divine Comedy, along with Judas (made from Viura) and Bruto (Palomino), all from ungrafted old vines.
The estate’s sole red, Prapetisco, is another vineyard recovery project.  It’s made from 80-year-old Juan Garcia vines that Beatriz found in Arribes del Duero, close to the Portuguese border.

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