Casa Castillo wine producer

Casa Castillo
Widely regarded as the best producer in Jumilla, Casa Castillo is quite recent, having released its first 1991 vintage in 1993.  The estate had historically produced wine but had been a rosemary plantation for over forty years when current owner and winemaker José María Vicente and his father began to replant the vineyards in 1985.
They planted Monastrell (by far Jumilla’s dominant grape), Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  One vineyard they didn’t have to replant was La Solana, which had been planted with ungrafted Monastrell in 1942.  From this comes the flagship Pie Franco (“French roots”, as opposed to the American rootstocks needed to resist phylloxera) which has been acclaimed as one of the best reds in Spain.
Almost as prestigious is Las Gravas, which comes from a particularly pebbly, high-altitude vineyard on a steep slope.  Today it is a blend of Monastrell, Syrah and Garnacha.  It used to contain Cabernet Sauvignon, but José has head-grafted that over to Garnacha, seeking later-ripening, more Spanish varieties.
The Valtosca vineyard is more chalky, and is planted exclusively with ungrafted Syrah to produce the wine of the same name.  Valle, the largest vineyard, rocky and hot, is entirely bush-vine Monastrell.  Since 2004 José has planted Garnacha on the highest, north-facing slopes on the estate, to produce El Molar.

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