Macedonia (Greece) wine region

Macedonia (Greece)
Not to be confused with the ex-Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia which lies just to its north, Macedonia is the north-central portion of Greece.  It’s usually regarded as including Thessaloniki and the Halkidiki peninsula, but we have a separate entry for that region here.
Most of the rest of Macedonia is an inland region with a continental climate best suited to red wine, made largely from the local Xinomavro (“acid black”) variety.  Náoussa in west-central Macedonia is best-known for this, and was Greece’s first defined appellation in 1971.  Náoussa is tough when young but can age well, and has been likened to Barolo.  Gouménissa to its northeast produces more approachable Xinomavro.
In the north-west corner close to the border, high-altitude Amyndeon produces cool-climate Xinomavro reds and rosés, and even fine aromatic whites (which don’t qualify as PDO Amyndeon but go under the PGI Florina).  Alpha Estate are the biggest name here.
In the far northeast there are a cluster of exciting wineries around Dráma; look for Wine Art, Lazaridi and Pavlidis.  Due south from Dráma near the coastal town of Kavála, another group of estates including Biblia Chora produce impressive wines largely from international varieties.

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