Trebbiano Toscano wine grape

Trebbiano Toscano
Trebbiano Toscano comes, as the name suggests, from Tuscany.  Its huge yields have made it the most-planted grape in Italy (along with Sicily’s Catarratto), but its wine is usually neutral and characterless.  Its main virtue is its strong acidity, which is useful in blends with lower-acid varieties.  Though you rarely see its name on a label, it’s the main grape of well-known Italian whites like Frascati and Orvieto (where they call it Procanico).
It has spread thoughout the world, and probably produces more wine than any other white variety.  Spain’s Airen has more hectares planted, but at much lower density and much lower yields, and most of it ends up as brandy.
As Ugni Blanc, Trebbiano is France’s most planted white grape too, dominant especially in the south-western region of Gascony.  Lots of it ends up in the cheap IGP (formerly Vin de Pays) dry whites Gers and Côtes de Gascogne but even more gets distilled into brandy: it’s the main grape of Armagnac and pretty much the only grape of Cognac.

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