Assyrtiko wine grape

A white grape originally from the Aegean island of Santorini, fashionable Assyrtiko is now grown all over Greece and is its third most-planted white variety, though most of the best examples still hail from Santorini’s windswept volcanic soils.
It retains high acidity even in very hot climates and is notably resistant to drought.  Its hard wood allows it to survive the biting, sand-laden winds of its native Santorini, where it is trained into nest-like cylinders to protect the fruit on the inside.  Despite its high acidity it does have a tendency to oxidise, which must be carefully managed in the winery.
Its citrussy wine is fresh but full-bodied, and ages very well.  It is usually intensely mineral rather then fruity, especially from Santorini.  Outside Santorini it is often blended with fruitier, more aromatic varieties.

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