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What our expert thought of Cantina del Giogantinu, Vermentino di Gallura Superiore

the tasting

The Tasting

In the glass this is a pale-ish lemon, with definite hints of green.
The nose is distinctive and saline, though not very fruity or floral.  It smells of preserved lemons and wet stones, with subtle hints of pear and peach.  It’s very mineral, and oddly hints at concentration despite its relative lightness.
The unoaked palate is dry, with medium acidity and decidedly full body.  It’s surprisingly big in the mouth after the delicate nose, with mouthcoating flavours of pithy grapefruit, white peach and green pear-skin.
These lead into a long, waxy finish, with some spicy warmth from the alcohol and an appetizing hint of bitterness that calls out for food.


This has much in common with a Muscadet, especially on the nose.  The saline character, in particular, suggests that this wine has been aged on its lees.
However, no Muscadet is as weighty and full-bodied as this!  Like a young Meursault, it pulls off the trick of being back-loaded: it starts off with a reticent nose and little overt fruit flavour but builds in the mouth into a long satisfying finish.
The waxy, slightly bitter character to that finish indicates that, unusually for a white, there is some tannin here as a result of extended skin contact prior to fermentation.  Vermentino is a very pale-skinned grape so this is entirely likely despite the wine’s light colour.

Tasting notes

Medium- lemon, with green hints

Intensity medium-, yet concentrated

Aromas saline & citrus (preserved lemons), mineral (wet stones), subtle yellow fruit (pear, peach)

Development youthful

Sweetness dry

Acidity medium

Body full

Intensity medium+

Flavours pithy citrus (grapefruit), stone fruit (white peach), green pear

Length long

Flavours as palate, waxy, some spicy warmth, hint of bitterness
Other notes

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