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Casa Castillo, Monastrell

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Casa Castillo, Monastrell

Who me a fan of Jumilla? Oh yes!

The D.O. of Jumilla (pronounced “who me a”) is the heartland of Spain’s Monastrell grape which, rather unfairly, is better known by its French name of Mourvèdre.  Flavourful but fearsomely tannic, it’s usually a minor component in blends.  Only in Jumilla and French Bandol does it take centre stage, though we had a fine example from South Africa last year.
Casa Castillo are acknowledged to be the best producer in Jumilla, noted for their elegant style.  We featured their excellent El Molar last year but that was a pure Garnacha.  This is their base red, and much more typical of Jumilla in being almost entirely Monastrell from old, organically-farmed bush vines.  Smelling and tasting of raisins in dark chocolate, this spicy red is deliciously drinkable despite its 15% alcohol.

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Full-bodied yet subtly oaked and surprisingly elegant, this warm red should be served at cool room temperature: 17 to 18°C.  You do need to decant the bottle at least an hour in advance to allow the reductive smells to blow off so you can enjoy the lovely nose.  Since there’s no significant sediment you can glug the wine out into a jug to get as much air into it as possible, especially if you’re in a hurry to drink it!
This is so well balanced you could actually enjoy it on its own, which is remarkable for a 15% wine from this variety.  But it will also suit food, especially hearty winter stews and casseroles.
It’s perhaps more suited to dark meats than was its lighter sister, El Molar, but I’m going to repeat my tapas suggestions from that wine because they’re even more perfect for this one: black olives, manchego cheese and the local speciality michirones, a broad bean, chorizo and ham stew served with crusty bread.

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AppellationJumilla DOP
Mourvèdre / Monastrell / Mataro
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Grenache / Garnacha
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Syrah / Shiraz
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Casa Castillo
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