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Deep Woods Estate, Shiraz et al

Deep Woods Estate, Shiraz et al

I’m not afraid of the deep dark wood…

…said the Mouse before meeting the ravenous and terrifying Gruffalo.  But fear not!  This Deep Woods red is certainly dark, but it’s no monster.  Indeed, this floral-scented, Rhône-inspired wine from cool-climate Margaret River is positively elegant, especially by Aussie standards.
I say “Rhône-inspired” but there’s a twist.  This is an SMG blend, with the S and G being the usual Rhône suspects Shiraz and Grenache.  But the M isn’t Mourvèdre: it’s Malbec, a Bordeaux variety.  It adds some richer plum and blueberry notes to the classic blackberry and pepper of the Shiraz.
Poised, dry and slightly austere, this very much a food wine.  It would be the sommelier’s choice, because it will complement just about any dish.  Though perhaps not Mouse!

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Remarkably fresh and light on its feet for 14.5%, this subtly oaked wine can be served a little cooler than big oaky reds.  But only a little, otherwise the tannins will overpower the fruit.  16 to 17° C is about right.
This is a wine designed to make food taste better, and will suit any dish that calls for a red.  It’s particularly well suited to big bowls of meaty, tomato-ey pasta, with plenty of herbs and parmesan.
Like many screwcapped wines, this was a little bit reductive on first opening.  It wasn’t stinky enough to absolutely require decanting, but you’ll enjoy a bottle more if you do.  Fifteen minutes is probably enough, though longer won’t hurt.  There’s no sediment, so you can slosh the wine out vigorously to aerate it more quickly.

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Margaret River
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AppellationMargaret River
Syrah / Shiraz
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Grenache / Garnacha
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Deep Woods Estate
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