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Sergio Mottura, Orvieto ‘Tragugnano’

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Sergio Mottura, Orvieto ‘Tragugnano’

Cross the border in search of a better white

Orvieto is one of those wines that your parents used to drink but which you just don’t see on the shelves any more.  Like Frascati and Soave, it fell out of fashion for good reason: it was no longer very good.  Producers relied on the famous name to sell the wine, and quality took a dive.  Also like Frascati, they abandoned characterful local varieties for the high-yielding Trebbiano from Tuscany which makes great brandy but boring wine.  Much Orvieto is still undistinguished, with a few notable exceptions.
Orvieto is famed as the white of Umbria… but it’s not confined to Umbria!  It has been famous for so long that it predates modern regional boundaries so, uniquely among Italian DOCs we’re aware of, it straddles the border into Lazio.  From there comes this wine, made by a winemaker widely regarded as the best in Lazio… and Orvieto.
Concentrated but not fruity, this classy dry white is much more about about minerals and herbs.  Like great Soave, it has an almond finish and understated charms that grow on you with each sip.

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Serve this unoaked and quite full-bodied white cool but not cold, at around 10°C. Give the pouch three minutes out of the fridge to warm before pouring.
On first opening this smelt a little reductive: not stinky, but enough to subdue and tighten up the other scents, making an already unsweet nose really austere.  Your pouch will be fine, but you’ll enjoy a bottle more if you decant it.  Just 15 minutes should open it up nicely, although longer won’t hurt.
Fine balance means this wine works with or without food.  It has the weight to match assertive flavours and the subtlety not to clash with delicate ones.  Try it with risotto primavera, fish in tarragon sauce, or creamy pasta dishes like carbonara.  It would also be a perfect partner for tricolore salad.

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AppellationOrvieto DOC
Trebbiano Toscano
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Cantina Sergio Mottura
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