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Urban Wine Company
The Urban Wine Company is the brainchild of neighbours Richard Sharp and Paul Miles from Furzedown on the edge of Tooting.  One sunny afternoon in 2006 they were relaxing under the vine that grows in Richard’s back garden, enjoying a glass of two of wine from halfway around the world, when they began to wonder whether it would be possible to make a wine from London grapes.  A handful of friends and neighbours with vines were recruited, largely by posting an ad on a Tooting community website, and the first, foot-trodden vintage of Château Tooting was made in 2007… all 30 bottles of it.
The project snowballed, leading to the formation in 2009 of the Urban Wine Company, with its own website.  Anyone with a vine (or access to one) could join and contribute their grapes on harvest day.  A large enough harvest (over half a tonne) was made that year to persuade Bolney Estate in West Sussex (then called Bookers Vineyard) to vinify the wine separately to Richard and Paul’s specification, producing the first “commercial” vintage.
Though not very commercial!  Members have first dibs, and are entitled to buy one bottle for every two kilos of grapes they contributed, at a members-only discounted price (currently about £8 per bottle).  The remainder is available for general sale, mostly through wine bars and restaurants in Tooting and Balham.  A typical vintage yields about a tonne of grapes and around one thousand bottles
The last few vintages have been made at Halfpenny Green Vineyards in Staffordshire, and quality has risen steadily.  Quantity is also on the rise, though it fluctuates considerably with the vintage.  2017 saw a harvest collection in Oxfordshire to supplement the established south-west London one, and yielded a record harvest of over two tonnes.  Plans are afoot to start producing a separate white and red.  Up until now the wine has been a rosé as an inevitable consequence of the mixture of white and black grapes that go into it!

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