Gabbas wine producer

The Gabbas estate has been part of the Gabbas family for generations.  The family first planted vines here in the early 19th century, but it wasn’t until 1995, after much replanting under the stewardship of current owner and winemaker Giuseppe Gabbas, that they started to bottle and market their own wine.  At first the wines were made elsewhere, but their success inspired Giuseppe to construct his own state-of-the-art winery on the estate. Since the turn of the century the wines have been made there, allowing Giuseppe and his Tuscan oenologist Lorenzo Landi complete control.
Winning a string of Gambero Rosso awards, Giuseppe Gabbas is now one of the most renowned winemakers in Sardinia, acknowleged as the master of Cannonau.  The 35 hectare estate now has 20 hectares under vine, 80% of it Cannonau.  There’s also some Vermentino for the estate’s sole white wine, and a few hectares of Muristellu, a traditional Sardian variety long thought to be indigenous to the island that has recently been shown to the same as the Graciano of Rioja.
The farm sits in the Locoe valley at the foot of the dramatic Supramonte mountains in Barbagia, just east of the island’s centre, and close to the famous wine town of Oliena.  Although Cannonau di Sardegna can come from anywhere in the island, this region has long been recognised as the best for Cannonau and has recently been declared the Classico zone.

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