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Siegel Wines
Alberto Siegel was born in Chile’s capital, Santiago, in 1946.  His grandfather, an architect, had emigrated from Germany to Chile in the Thirties, designing several of Santiago’s landmark buildings.  Alberto’s father was a viticulturalist, so Alberto grew up in the vineyards.  Later he studied Agronomy in Santiago and then spent a year working at wineries in Germany before returning to Chile in 1971 and landing a job as a fertiliser salesman for German chemical giant Bayer.
His patch was the Colchagua Valley, 50 miles south of Santiago, where most of the farms grew grapes for wine, so he was soon on first name terms with every grower and wine producer in the region.  He used this network of contacts to become a hugely successful wine and grape broker, selling the production of small owners to the big Chilean wineries.  Not content to remain a middleman, he started to buy up vineyards in Colchagua and built a winery in 1980 to make wines under his own name.
Today Siegel Wines is run by his children, son Alberto and daughter Catalina.  They now have 700 hectares of vineyards on seven different farms, most in Colchagua but also one in the Leyda Valley growing cool climate varieties like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  From these substantial holdings winemaking team Didier Debona and Fabiola Calderon craft fourteen varietal wines in three ranges, along with three red blends.

Decanting Club wines made by: Siegel Wines

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