New format, on our Birthday!

New format, on our Birthday!
On the 1st Feb 2016, we launched Decanting Club. Two years later we’ve decided to make some changes to the format based on member feedback. We hope you approve…

Larger glassfuls

Instead of the current 150ml pouch (which is 1/5 of a bottle) we will be sending out 185ml pouches (1/4  bottle) allowing you to savour and appreciate all of our wine discoveries that bit more thoroughly.

Monthly wine

We will be sending out a monthly envelope to everyone instead of the current weekly service. Each envelope will contain a new red and a new white wine for you to sample. This allows us to be more selective about the wines we choose for you, and you won’t find un-tasted pouches stacking up in your fridge. Envelopes will be sent out on the 2nd Monday of every month.

Cheaper prices

Sign up for a monthly Direct Debit of only £15 per month to receive your monthly envelope of wine - through your letterbox!

For those of you who prefer only white wines or only red wines - you can sign up for only £10 a month.
Explore the options
Try us today - there's no commitment and you can cancel your Direct Debit at any time to stop the wines coming. Come and explore the world of wine with us - there's so much more out there than the supermarket shelves....


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