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Caiaffa, Negroamaro

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Caiaffa, Negroamaro

A bio beauty from the back of the boot

Famously, Puglia is Italy’s heel.  But Puglia extends a long way further north to encompass the Gargano peninsula, the spur of the back of Italy’s boot.  Just south of that spur lies the Tavoliere delle Puglie (“Table of Puglia”), a flat plain that was once sea floor.  This is the breadbasket of Italy, a land dominated by blue and yellow: huge cloudless skies over endless wheatfields.  Vineyards provide occasional splashes of green.
It hardly rains, which makes organic cultivation (bio in Italian) relatively easy.  Rivers and aquifers from the surrounding mountains provide most of the water.  The baking heat is mitigated by cool sea breezes: this wine comes from certified organic vineyards at Tressanti just 4 km from the Adriatic coast.
It’s made from Negroamaro, a Puglian variety noted for producing strong savoury reds in DOCs like Salice Salentino, Squinzano and Copertino.  These are rich, dark wines with dried fruit flavours that can sometimes be just a bit too sunbaked.  But not this one, which defies the stereotype by being fairly pale, decidedly herby and remarkably fresh: a perfect springtime red.

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Though it’s pale and crisp by Puglian standards, this medium-bodied wine is still a long way from being rosé.  So serve it a just little cooler than big reds, say 15 to 17°C.  Give the pouch 30 seconds in the fridge if it’s a hot day; otherwise, just snip and pour.
If you’re opening a bottle though, you should aim to decant it in advance.  Although there’s no sediment, this wine did smell reductive when first opened.  It wasn’t so bad as to prevent the wine from being enjoyable, and it blew off after five minutes or so in the glass, but each new pour was noticeably more farmyardy and less sweet-smelling.  Decanting fixes that, as it will have done for your pouch!
The tannins here are so soft as to be almost non-existent; fine acidity supplies the wine’s structure instead.  That combination makes it supremely versatile with all kinds of food, including sharp cheeses and dishes with chilli heat, but also means you can enjoy it just on its own.  The acidity matches that found in tomato-ey sauces, and the herbiness really suits herbs in the dish.  It could even cope with rocket.
So what we have here is the perfect wine for pizza!  It would also be great with puttanesca or one of the many other tomato-and-herb-based pasta dishes.

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