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Cucú (Cantaba La Rana), Verdejo

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Cucú (Cantaba La Rana), Verdejo

Cuckoo, says the first Frog of spring

Spring has finally sprung, so we’re featuring a wine whose name celebrates the sound of the first, er, frog.  Cucú cantaba la rama (“Cuckoo, sings the frog”) is a nursery rhyme known throughout the Spanish-speaking world.  Most Spanish frogs go cruá cruá, but children’s songs have their own logic where reality is not allowed to spoil a catchy tune.
Vocally this frog may be a little confused, but it definitely sports the right colour.  Filled with the fresh green scents and flavours of springtime, it’s made from the Verdejo grape whose name, appropriately, means "greener".  Verdejo has been described as Sauvignon Blanc on steroids, combining grassy, green-fruit intensity with rather more body than you find on most Sauv Blancs.
It’s often found blended with Sauvignon Blanc, or with the less interesting Viura, but this one is 100% Verdejo from high altitude, organically farmed vineyards.  Made in a fresh, unoaked style by rising star Beatriz Herrantz of Barco del Corneta, it boasts a nose bursting with ripe gooseberries backed up by a full and fresh palate that’s filled with citrus peel.  Springtime in a glass!
You can hear the Cucú song here.  (Beware, you’ll be singing it for weeks.)  However, the video is a bit twee.  So we wondered whether there might be a classic 80s pop video that boasts an equally catchy, nonsensical, frog-related chorus…
The lyrics are actually rather clever, about writing a nonsense hit that ends up becoming a millstone around the band’s necks.  Oh the irony!

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I do hope the weather obliges, because this wine is crying out to be served outside in the sunshine, either on its own or with zesty, full-flavoured salads.  Don’t be afraid of bold flavours like olives, capers and aioli: this Verdejo will match them.
Asparagus is in its glorious but all too short season right now.  It’s a tricky flavour for wine but this one will work perfectly, whether the asparagus is in a salad, risotto or pasta dish.  It’s also terrific with fried fish or, for something more Spanish, seafood paella.
At Decanting Club we like to decant our whites, but this is one of the few that doesn’t need it.  With no reduction, no sediment and a fairly cold ideal serving temperature of 8 to 10°C, this is an ideal bottle to keep in the fridge for unplanned popping and pouring.  Give the pouch just 2 or 3 minutes to warm up.

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Castilla y León
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Barco del Corneta
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