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What our expert thought of Rutini Trumpeter, Rosé de Malbec

the tasting

The Tasting

A decidedly pale salmon, this certainly looks like the pale rosés of Provence.  It doesn’t look very young, being salmon-coloured with apricot glints rather than a fresh girly pink, but still looks lovely in the glass.
It smells lovely too, with a big, exotic nose of yellow flowers – roses and honeysuckle.  Behind that are tropical fruit scents of mango and kiwi, and an intriguing waft of really sweet red cherry, like cocktail cherries in syrup.  This is a fabulous nose, although it does need a little air and warmth to open up fully.
Despite the sweetness of the nose the palate is dry, with plenty of refreshing, mouthwatering acidity.  For a rosé this is positively full-bodied, with lots of sweet-tasting summer fruit flavours: raspberry, ripe orangey citrus, and cantaloupe melon.
There’s a slight warmth to the mouthwatering medium finish, where the generous fruit flavours persist.  There’s none of the austere stoniness often found in Provençal rosés.


One of the unexpected benefits of doing this job has been the discovery that there are so many great rosés out there, and in such a variety of different styles.  And here’s another.  Although this wine was deliberately made like a pink from Provence, Malbec is a very different beast to the blend of grapes (typically Cinsault, Grenache and Mourvèdre) that would be used in France.  And while Provence is certainly dry and sunny, no wine region on earth beats Mendoza in that regard.
The result is Provence on steroids: a bigger, riper, fruitier, more exotically scented take on the pale, dry and food-friendly rosé style.  I think it’s terrific.  If I had to pick just one wine to serve at a barbecue in the sunshine this weekend, this would be it.

Tasting notes

clear pale salmon, with apricot glints

Intensity medium++

Aromas yellow flowers (rose, honeysuckle), tropical fruit (mango, kiwi), sweet red fruit (red cocktail cherries in syrup)

Development developing

Sweetness dry

Acidity medium+

Body medium+, full for a rosé

Intensity medium+

Flavours red fruit (raspberry), ripe citrus (orange), tropical fruit (cantaloupe melon)

Length medium

Flavours as palate, mouthwatering, sweet-fruited, slight warmth
Other notes
Unoaked. Big, exotic, sweet-smelling nose. Reductive at first - needs air. No drying Provence-style tannins on finish. As pale & dry as a Provence pink, but bigger, riper & less stony.

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