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Sula, Zinfandel

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Sula, Zinfandel

We’ve Phall-en for this Zinfan-Dhal

It has the Ghee to our hearts.  Don’t Jeera-t it; it’s off the Chaat and second to Naan.  It’s Bhindi hit of our recent tastings.  But before all this Punjabi makes you slip into a Korma, we have to re-Achar you that nothing’s the Mattar; we are Rogan Joshing.  Just keep calm and Curry on.
Why yes, this wine is from India.  However did you guess?  In fact, it’s from India’s Napa: the Nashik Valley, which produces around 80% of all Indian wine.  Most of that comes from this producer, Sula, who were winemaking pioneers here just 20 years ago.  The valley had long produced table grapes for eating; even today only one vine in twenty is for wine.
India’s vineyards are not far north of the equator, and its tropical climate is dominated by wet and dry seasons.  Clever pruning forces the vines into a southern hemisphere cycle so that growth and ripening take place in the dry season, avoiding the summer monsoon.  Zinfandel likes heat: it thrives in the warmer parts of California and the baking Salento peninsula, Italy’s heel.  But its Italian name, Primitivo, means “first to ripen” so it can be harvested before the weather gets too hot or the first rains arrive.
Dangerously quaffable, this fruit-driven young red has lots of ripe red berry fruit and sweet spices, supported by juicy acidity and very gentle tannins.  An ideal red for curry, in fact.  “Waiter, Brinj-al the Zinfan-Dhal Raita-way!  And I fancy some of that Korma… Korma… Korma… Korma…”

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Serve this unoaked and exuberantly fruity red slightly cooler than room temperature, at 14–16°C, with meat- or aubergine-based curries, or spicy food generally.

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Primitivo / Zinfandel
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Sula Vineyards
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