Badagoni wine producer

Badagoni winery is named after a pagan goddess of winemaking and fertility in pre-Christian Georgia.  Badagoni doesn’t just predate Christ; she predates Dionysus and Bacchus.  A tiny statue of her, now in Geogia’s National Museum, is around 8000 years old.  Georgians have been growing grapes and making wine for at least that long.
Founded in 2002 in the Kakhetian village of Zemo Khodasheni, the company was initially known as Knight of Winemaking and was something of a hobby project for its founders, who all had day jobs in other industries.  The name change happened in 2006, when they recruited famed Italian oenologist Donato Lanati, constructed a new, state-of-the-art winery, and embarked upon a major expansion drive.  Today they’re the largest exporter of Georgian wine.
Along the way they formed a partnership with the monks of historic Alaverdi Monastery to reconstruct the monastery’s huge 11th Century wine cellar and its 40 qvevris.  Their Alaverdi Tradition red and white are made there (the latter in qvevri), and have achieved international acclaim.  The red featured on Decanter magazine’s list of the top 100 wines they tasted in 2012.
Today Badagoni have almost 400 hectares of vineyards spread across eight villages in Khaketi.  They produce around four million bottles a year which are almost all exported, largely to Russia, Ukraine and other ex-USSR states, but also to the USA and China.  Their extensive range covers all four colours (including orange) and a variety of sweetness levels, including the traditional semi-sweet reds popular in the old Soviet Union.  They also offer a wide selection of sparkling wines.  All are made entirely from local grape varieties.

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