Loureiro wine grape

This pale-skinned and aromatic variety is native to the Minho region of northwest Portugal, and is one of the main grapes in the blend for Vinho Verde.  A little is grown across the border in the Rías Baixas area of northwest Spain, where it is called Loureira.
Its name means “laurel” and the aroma of Loureiro wines is said to resemble that of laurel leaves (bay leaves - laurel and bay are different names for the same bush).  Floral aromas like orange blossom are even more prominent.  These overlay apple and citrus fruit, sometimes with some peachiness in riper examples.
Loureiro wines are light-bodied and usually low in alcohol.  Even when fully ripe they have razor-sharp acidity: so much so that traditionally they were always blended with softer, fuller-bodied varieties like Treixadura and Alvarinho.
Modern viticultural techniques have enabled producers to ripen Loureiro reliably, and it is increasingly found as a varietal wine.  Its fragrance and freshness make it perhaps the best example of the Vinho Verde style.

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