A little bit about us

What is Decanting Club?

Decanting Club is a new take on wine clubs, for those wanting to explore a whole world of taste and aroma.

Every month subscribers receive two large glassfuls (185ml x2) of wine, in specially-designed pouches, through their letterbox. As well as enjoying the wine, all club members can access an exclusive website. Here they can discover more about the wine, rate it and purchase more by the bottle or case.

The wines that we choose won’t be available at most UK supermarkets, off-licences or online retailers. They’ll often be from unexpected regions, using local or less well-known grape varieties and unusual production methods.


There is a vast choice of wine out there and it can be very confusing for most people. This leads most people to stick with what they know and never explore the amazing varieties on offer.

We decided that we wanted to curate wines for people to taste, and allow them to decide for themselves what they did and didn't like. This led us to create our pouches which allows members to discover new wines without having to buy a whole bottle

We also believe there is a growing movement towards drinking in moderation, substituting quality for quantity, and Decanting Club is in a perfect position to help people achieve that goal.


The Decanting Club mission is “to source and promote top quality wines from around the world and to effortlessly bring that wine to our members' homes."

There is a diverse and exciting world of wine to taste beyond the supermarket shelves. Decanting club experts find wines from unexpected regions, or lesser known grape varieties and bring together the background, tasting notes and video into a regular monthly package for its members.

Couple this wealth of information, with the unique pouch delivery system, designed specifically to fit through the letterbox and there is no other service that makes tasting and exploring new wines as informative, simple and enjoyable.

Our members

At the end of a busy day Decanting Club members are treated to a guilt-free moment of self-indulgence. They find their favourite glass, pour out the wine and enter the club via their phone or tablet. Then, whilst swirling, sniffing and tasting their wine, they watch our expert tasting video and find out all about where the wine comes from and how it was made.

Who are we?

The Decanting Club team is a blend of wine experts, enthusiasts and technical wizards.

Steve is our wine guru, having spent most of his adult life besotted with the stuff.

Paul runs the day-to-day business, getting the wines purchased, prepped and ready for sending out.

Ben is charge of the factory where we decant the wine from bottles into the pouches.

Vince is our technical expert who has built the systems that run the website and all our office systems.

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