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San Marzano 'Il Pumo' Negroamaro

San Marzano 'Il Pumo' Negroamaro

kinky boots must always be RED

From the pointy heel of Italy's kinky boot, our up-front and in-your-face hero(ine) is black and misunderstood, but not bitter.
No, not the plotline of a certain drag-tastic film and musical, but a grape variety: Negroamaro, whose name means “black bitter” but whose big and bold wine isn’t really bitter at all.
Serve this suspiciously full-bodied ‘lady’ at un-centrally-heated room temperature: 17°C to 18°C.  She’s quite hot enough all by herself.
She’s on the prowl for meaty (pasta) dishes, although she’ll settle for a well-spiced meat and two veg.

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Although unoaked, this is a big wine with full body and rich flavours.  Accordingly it suits a relatively warm serving temperature, 17°C to 18°C.  That’s still a little cooler than most modern centrally-heated rooms, so you may want to give the pouch 30 seconds in the fridge.
Rich, meaty Italian dishes are the obvious pairing for this red.  Its rich flavours will particularly suit pork and game, especially in dishes where there is a little sweetness in the sauce.  Its spicy character will pair well with well-spiced food, though beware dishes with lots of chilli which the high alcohol will emphasise.
By Italian standards this wine is not high in acidity, so avoid high-acid foods.  If there are tomatoes in the dish, as is likely with Italian cuisine, they should be slow-cooked until they taste smooth and sweet, or use (sun-)dried ones to begin with.
Try it with meaty pasta dishes and bakes, especially those featuring (spicy) sausages.  Aubergines are another good match – parmigiana  would work well.  For real authenticity, there’s a traditional Salento speciality of chickpea pasta, ciceri e tria, that is traditionally washed down with Negroamaro.  Or try one of my favourite quick pasta dishes, puttanesca, which with its bold, spicy flavours and sun-dried tomatoes seems tailor-made for this wine.

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AppellationSalento IGP
Cantine San Marzano
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