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Agiorgitiko by Gaia

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Agiorgitiko by Gaia

Prove your patriotism: drink Greek red!

It’s St. George’s Day this month.  The patron saint of England… and Portugal… and Romania… and Malta… and Georgia (surprise!)… and Aragon and Catalonia (in Spain, at least for now), George was a Greek officer in the Roman army who was martyred by the Emperor Diocletian in 303 for refusing to renounce his Christianity.  (The whole dragon thing was probably an allegory about the soldier-saint battling the forces of darkness that got taken a bit too literally.)  This Greek red is made from Agiorgitiko, whose name means "St. George's grape". So what better choice to celebrate your country (and a few others) on April 23rd?
PDO Neméa is probably the best known (or least unknown) appellation for Greek reds, and must be made entirely of Agiorgitiko.  Nicknamed “the blood of Hercules”, legend says this is the wine the mighty hero drank after (or even before) strangling the Nemean lion with his bare hands.  We can’t promise it’ll give you superpowers, but this distinctively spicy and herby red is a particularly fine example of the fragrant, red-fruited Agiorgitiko.

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Full-flavoured and quite full-bodied, yet remarkably elegant and fresh, this lightly-oaked red is best served at cool room temperature (17 to 18°C).  Well-structured but velvety smooth, it will work with or without food.  Nibble on Greek meze or, for something more substantial, Moussaka or Stifado (slow-cooked game stew with pearl onions, red wine and cinnamon).
No reduction or sediment means it can be popped and poured, enhancing its versatility.  But half an hour in a decanter will pay dividends; although lovely now, this wine is still young and should improve for a few years.

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