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Hiruzta, Txakolin ‘Berezia’

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Hiruzta, Txakolin ‘Berezia’

Basques break free

Both our wines this month are from Spain… but their makers might disagree!  Our red is from Catalonia, whose independence referendum dominated the news last year.  Our white is from the Basque Country, whose separatists fought the Spanish authorities with bullets and bombs for half a century.
Separated from the rest of Spain by high mountains, the Basque Country has its own language, culture and climate (Spain’s wettest).  Its wine is just as distinctive.  Called txakolin by Basque purists, and txakoli by everyone else (say it cha-koh-lee), it’s like a cross between Muscadet and Vinho Verde with added froth.  Poured theatrically from a height into little glass tumblers to emphasise the bubbles, txakoli is the fuel for many a Bilbao tzitikeo (tapas bar crawl).
Though the froth is more like cider than champagne, it would still be too much for our pouches.  Fortunately the most serious, lees-aged examples aren’t fizzy.  Berezia is the top wine from Hiruzta winery, and perhaps the most distinctive white we’ve ever featured.  From its pungent petrolly nose through to its salty and spicy finish, this mouthfilling, faintly grapefruity wine is packed with unusual, un-fruity tastes: celery, brine, white pepper, asparagus, almonds and even tequila.  Bonkers but brilliant.

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Though this will still have plenty of scent and flavour served very cold, it tastes more rounded and satisfying at 9 or 10°C.  Give the pouch a couple of minutes out of the fridge before pouring.  If your glass mists up it’s too cold.
This didn’t smell reductive when first opened and doesn’t have any sediment, so if you have a bottle you can pop it and pour it.  It did seem to improve with air nonetheless, so I would still decant it as I do most whites.  That also gives it a chance to warm up from fridge temperature.
A great food wine, this has the weight and intensity to stand up to bold flavours while its lack of overt fruitiness stops it from clashing with them, though it might overpower delicate white fish.  It’s particularly suited to sharp, smoky or spicy flavours that most wines struggle with.  Pair it with richer seafood dishes, goat or sheep cheeses like the Basque Idiazabel, or even Serrano ham.
Try making your own pintxos, the Basque version of tapas, by cutting slices from a thin baguette and skewering toppings to each one with a toothpick.  The classic toppings are fish, especially anchovies, or ham and cheese.

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Basque Country
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AppellationDO Getariako Txakolina
Hondarrabi Zuri / Courbu Blanc
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Hiruzta Bodega
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