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Pardas ‘Negre Franc’

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Pardas ‘Negre Franc’

Catalans cut loose

Both our wines this month come from parts of Spain that would perhaps rather not be!  Basques in the northwest have long pressed for self-determination, while more recently Catalans in the northeast voted overwhelmingly for independence in a controversial referendum.  Both regions have strong cross-border ties with neighbouring parts of France.  There are Basques in south-west France too, and in Roussillon Catalan used to be the dominant language and is still spoken by many.
Appropriately then, our Catalan red is made largely from a French grape not often found in Spain: Cabernet Franc.  There’s also a generous dollop of Cabernet Sauvignon in the mix, which isn’t so unusual for this part of Catalunya – Penedès – home to Spain’s first and most famous Cab Sauv, Torres Mas La Plana.  Adding a local touch is a splash of the unique-to-Penedès Sumoll, an almost extinct variety championed by all-organic producer Celler Pardas, whose delightfully cherryish pure Sumoll called Sus Scrofa we featured this time last year.
This is their midrange red, Negre Franc.  Possessing intensity and complexity that would shame many a Bordeaux at twice the price, it has freshness and elegance that belie its scary 15% alcohol.  Classic Cabernet character is present in abundance, but all that spicy, minty blackcurrant is joined by a distinctive balsamic vinegar note to remind us that we are south of the Pyrenees after all.

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Serve this subtly-oaked but full-flavoured red at cool room temperature: 18°C.  In this hot weather you may need to give the pouch 30 seconds in the fridge before pouring.
This wine smelled great as soon as I opened the bottle, but it improved still further in the glass.  After a while I could detect faint reduction with each new pour.  So it doesn’t absolutely require decanting, especially as my bottle didn’t show any significant sediment, but you'll enjoy it even more if you do.
Bottle age has added complexity and mellowed the tannins here, but this is still a wine that will go better with food.  Well-herbed lamb would be perfect, echoing the herbiness of the wine.  Stuffed red peppers would make an excellent alternative.  Or nibble on chorizo, olives and crusty bread.

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AppellationDO Penedès
Cabernet Franc
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Cabernet Sauvignon
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Celler Pardas
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