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Re Manfredi, Aglianico del Vulture

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Re Manfredi, Aglianico del Vulture

Awesome Aglianico, Basilicata’s bel vino rosso

Often overlooked Basilicata occupies Italy’s instep and ankle, squeezed in between better-known Puglia (the heel), Calabria (the toe) and Campania (the shin).  Aglianico del Vulture is its only DOCG, widely regarded (along with Campania’s Taurasi DOCG, also from the Aglianico grape) as southern Italy’s greatest red.
Tannic, fragrant and very long-lived, it needs patience and deep pockets, though Taurasi requires a little more of each.  But both wines represent great value next to the Barolos with which they are often compared.  Terre degli Svevi is a top producer, with this wine winning Tre Bicchieri in the 2010, 2011 and 2013 vintages.  This 2012 missed out because its single-vineyard big brother Serpara got the nod that year instead!
Five years is just old enough for this wine to show its greatness.  The chewy tannins and firm acidity have integrated with the rich dried fruit flavours, evolving truffly complexity.  From the thyme-infused nose with its subtle hints of old roses and tar, through to the long, uncompromisingly tannic finish, this oozes power and refinement.  It would shame many a Barolo at twice the price.

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Serve this spicy, full-bodied and oak-aged red at cool room temperature: 17°C to 18°C.  There’s more than enough complexity here to repay sipping it on its own as a vino di meditazione, but those firm tannins do rather call for food.
The tannins will slice through fatty meats, while the acidity will stand up to sharp sauces.  It may not be barbecue season but this is the perfect wine for beef in barbecue sauce.  The savoury nature of the wine will also pair beautifully with porcini mushrooms, aged semi-hard cheeses, or any dish with a strong umami component.
There were no reductive smells on first opening, which is not surprising for a wine that’s spent a year slowly oxidising in small barrels followed by four years under cork.  However, the nose did open up with air, so you’ll enjoy a bottle more if you can remember to decant it in advance!

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AppellationAglianico del Vulture DOC
Terre degli Svevi
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