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Chateau Tooting

Chateau Tooting

Toot! Toot! Make way for London’s own rosé

Crowdsourced from across the capital, Château Tooting is no ordinary wine.  If you live in London and have a vine or two growing in your garden, you can join the Urban Wine Company.  Or even if you haven’t, because they’ll advise you what to grow and how to care for it.
Then, on the appointed day at the end of September, you bring your harvest to their collection point (a youth club in, naturally, Tooting) to be weighed and assessed.  If judged worthy, it gets made into the Grand Vin of Chateau Tooting, and you’re entitled to a bottle for every two kilos of grapes you put in.
This still leaves a few for actual sale, though not many, and we’ve bought all the 2016 they had left.  Being made from practically every grape variety found in England, both white and red, it’s a rosé.  And, incredibly, rather a good one, with a delightfully aromatic nose and typically English flavours of grapefruit and redcurrant.

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Light in body but full in flavour, this dry wine suits being served quite cold (8°C) to emphasise its zingy freshness.  Give the pouch just a minute or two out of the fridge to warm up before pouring.  However, if the glass fogs then the wine is still too cold.
It smelt quite reductive on first opening though that soon blew off with air, so if you do manage to acquire one of the few remaining bottles of this wine you should decant it.  Ten or fifteen minutes should do it, but longer won’t hurt.  You don’t need an actual decanter: just slosh it out into a jug then pour it back into the bottle.
Perfect for enjoying on its own, the best pairing for this wine is probably sunshine.  Sadly that’s rather out of season right now, but I find that drinking this wine (and marvelling at how it came to be) cheers me up in much the same way!

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Urban Wine Company
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