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Rutini, Trumpeter Reserve, Malbec

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Rutini, Trumpeter Reserve, Malbec

Fanfare for the common grape

Twenty years ago we would have said this was an uncommon grape, but Argentinian Malbec is one of the great wine success stories of this century and can be found on every winelist.  And for good reason: it’s distinctive, reliable and great value.
Originally from south-west France, Malbec came to Argentina from Bordeaux in the 19th century before virtually disappearing from the French region.  It’s still the main grape of Cahors upriver from Bordeaux, but the high, dry valleys of Argentina suited it so well that today Mendoza, not Cahors, is regarded as its true home.
There are so many Argentinian Malbecs out there that it can be hard to pick out the really good ones, and there’s a risk of becoming bored by the over-familiar flavours.  But just occasionally a wine shows up that reminds us why we fell in love with this grape in the first place.
This Trumpeter Reserve is from Rutini, whose superb Rosé de Malbec we featured a few months ago.  Defying the stereotype of Malbec as thick and heavy, this medium-bodied, herb-scented red is refreshingly juicy and properly dry despite its intensity of ripe blueberry and blackberry fruit.  A Bordeaux château would be proud to call it their own.

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This is a Malbec that doesn't need a big slab of spicy barbecued steak to make it palatable; it’s so well-balanced you can enjoy it on its own.  But though it doesn’t demand food, it will partner it perfectly.  It’s particularly well suited to more subtle main courses without rich sauces, where the intrinsic flavours of meat and vegetables need room to shine.  Try it with roast lamb.
When I first opened the bottle there was a noticably meaty component to the nose, which dissipated after five minutes in the glass and returned with each new pour.  This sort of meaty reduction isn’t that objectionable on a red wine, but it did obscure the subtleties of the nose and suppress some of the fruit.  Aim to decant this wine at least 20 minutes in advance, although longer won’t hurt.  Since there’s no sediment you can slosh it out to properly aerate it.

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