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Fratelli, Classic Chenin

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Fratelli, Classic Chenin

A white that curries favour... and favours curry

Chenin Blanc has long been the grape I reach for whenever I’m serving Indian food.  Its broad, honeyed flavours stand up to Indian spices while its green apple acidity cuts through oily dishes.  Strangely, the Chenin and Curry combination doesn’t seem to be widely known.  Hugh Johnson agrees with me (rather gratifyingly) but most wine writers recommend Viognier and Gewurztraminer instead.
So I was delighted to discover that Chenin Blanc is the most popular white wine grape grown in India itself.  After all, Indians ought to know what works best with their own cuisine.  Though that probably isn’t the only reason: Chenin retains great acidity even in hot climates, which is why it became the dominant white grape in South Africa.
Chenin also works well as a sweet wine (think of demi-sec and moelleux Vouvray) which suits the Indian palate, though this one is a fully dry white intended for export.  It’s made on the Deccan plateau of Maharashtra (Mumbai’s state) by dynamic producer Fratelli, whose name refers the the three sets of brothers (two Indian, one Italian) who run it.
There’s 15% Sauvignon Blanc in this blend, adding some nettles and passionfruit to the classic Chenin flavours of green apples and honey.  If anything, that aromatic lift makes this refreshing white even more curry-friendly.

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This is close to being the ultimate curry wine, in fact, and will partner just about any Indian dish.  Fratelli themselves recommend Lahsuni Bhindi, Masala Khichdi or Kakori Kebabs, but I think it would also be perfect with a Goan fish curry or a creamy Korma.  Serve quite well chilled (8–10°C) but not so cold that the glass mists up.
Like many screwtops, this wine was a little bit reductive when first opened, though not much.  It smelled good from the off, but did improve in the glass.  If you’re opening a bottle, aim to decant it half an hour in advance.

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