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What our expert thought of Channing Daughters, Pinot Grigio

the tasting

The Tasting

The colour is a pale straw: not much skin contact here!
The nose combines floral notes of honeysuckle, chalky minerals, and a veritable fruit salad of scents: peach, pear, grape and tangerine.  An American would have said Meyer lemon rather than tangerine, but they’re not very common this side of the pond.  There’s a touch of honey too, although it doesn’t smell sweet.
There is also that distinctive scent that good Pinot Grigio has which is maddeningly difficult to describe.  It’s a curious composite of bruised petals, honey and a savoury, almost meaty note.
On the palate this is dry and clean, with zippy medium acidity and a surprising amount of weight for only 12.5%.  Complex flavours of white peach, ripe pear and cashew nuts are supported by a saline stoniness from long lees aging.
The medium finish is spicy, juicy and nutty, but with bitter almonds taking the place of the cashews.


This has loads more character than most Pinot Grigio, though it’s still in the fresh and lively Italian style rather than the heavyweight mould of Alsace Pinot Gris.  It reminds me of really good Pinot Grigio from Friuli, like the one made by Silvio Jermann.  (Majestic do it, but it’s in the Fine Wine section and priced accordingly.)
There’s sufficient complexity here to reward thoughtful drinking, but at the same time it’s so delicious and easy to drink that you don’t need to think about it to enjoy it.  This seems to be a Channing characteristic – I remember saying something very similar about their Rosato!

Tasting notes

clear pale straw, dissolved CO2 shows in persistent froth around rim on first opening

Intensity medium, but complex

Aromas definite PG honey/savoury/bruised petal, floral (honeysuckle), lees (chalk), fruit salad comprising stone fruit (peach), orchard fruit (pear, grape), citrus (Meyer lemon/tangerine)

Development developing

Sweetness dry

Acidity medium

Body medium(+?), quite weighty for 12.5%

Intensity medium+

Flavours stone fruit (peach), orchard fruit (ripe pear), nuts (cashews), mineral (saline)

Length medium

Flavours spice, juicy acidity, nuts (bitter almonds)
Other notes
No detectable oak. Complex but quaffable.

Decanting Club expert
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