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What our expert thought of Château de l'Aumérade, Cuvée 'Marie-Christine’

the tasting

The Tasting

A delightfully pale powder-pink, this has the classic look of Provençal rosé.
The pretty, perfumed nose is very refined but surprisingly intense.  It smells very fresh.  All the elements are here: red fruit, citrus, minerals and flowers blended into one harmonious whole, making it hard to tease apart component scents.
The are lots of red summer berries but they smell dry rather than sweet, thanks to the contribution of the mineral elements: talc and, especially, seawater.  There’s also a sharp edge of citrus peel, smoothed over by floral notes of white rose and honeysuckle.
On the palate this is fully dry but filled with sweet fruit ‐ ripe red berries, grapefruit and white peach ‐ supported by bright acidity and a saline freshness.  It starts off light-bodied but puts on weight in the mouth, without losing any of its purity.
The clean finish is dry but again sweet-fruited, with none of the powdery bitterness sometimes found on Provence pinks.  It’s long too, ending on a persistent, palate-cleansing impression of grapefruit peel.


It was really hard writing the tasting note for this wine: the scents and flavours here are so seamless and well-integrated that I struggled to separate them out.  I love its combination of sweet summer fruit and sea-spray minerality; it’s difficult to drink it without imagining myself at some sun-soaked beachfront restaurant, smelling the salt in the air and listening to the waves break on the beach below.
Above all it displays beautiful balance, making it a delight to drink with food or without.  There’s plenty of complexity here to reward thoughtful drinking, but you don’t have to concentrate to enjoy it.  The empty glass smells great too, which I always think is a good sign.  Even more elegant than the bottle it comes in, this is the perfect Provençe pink.

Tasting notes

clear pale salmon-pink, typically Provence

Intensity medium+

Aromas very fresh, mineral (seawater, talc), red berries (strawberry, raspberry, cherry), citrus peel, floral (white rose, honeysuckle). Smells dry.

Development youthful

Sweetness fully dry

Acidity medium+

Body medium-, starts light but builds

Intensity medium+

Flavours citrus (grapefruit), ripe red berries (cherry, cranberry, redcurrant), stone fruit (white peach), mineral (saline)

Length long

Flavours as palate, dry yet sweet-fruited, grapefruit peel esp. at end
Other notes
Unoaked. Empty glass smells great! Distinct seaside impression. Refined, seamless, integrated - beautifully balanced.

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