What's the catch?

How membership of Decanting Club works in practice


New members sign up with a monthly Direct Debit, via our partners at GoCardless.

We ask you to sign up using Direct Debit so that we can verify you and your address - but there is no obligation to carry on, you can cancel at any time to stop the wines coming, leaving you in complete control

That's it - no catch really, so give us a try and sign up here

Leaving the club

You can cancel your Direct Debit at any time, either by informing us, or with your bank - with no obligation.

If your previous direct debit entitles you to a further month of wine, this will still be sent out to you.


In order to subscribe to Decanting Club, or receive it as a gift, you must be 18 years old or over.

You must also be a resident of the UK and give us a UK address for us to send the pouches to.

In order to sign up for Direct Debit you will need to have a current account with a UK bank.

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